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Honorable Mention,

Buildner Architecture Competitions


2020, Portugal


Daniele Colombati

Maria Pachi

Gianluigi D' Aloisio

“Cortiça Cabin” derives from the Portuguese definition for “cork”, the material that defines the character of our unit. Choosing a local material that is strongly connected to the nature, history and industry of Portugal is a key factor in our concept that aims to a versatile, sustainable structure. Indeed, we design a low-cost, frugal unit which at the same time is easy to transport, build, replicate and reconstruct using the local material resources. At the same time, Portuguese vernacular architecture is an inspirational core point in our design: the unique wooden palafitte settlements of the Avieiros fishermen across the riverbanks introduced us to the idea of elevated prismatic cabins standing only on piles. In this way the site landscape remains intact and can grow into a “sea of vegetation” following the paradigm of the Avieiros. The design encourages a new type of treatment unit that allows the guest to be part of the local “green neighbourhood”, engaging with nature while exploring the inner self.

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