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e-merge architecture is formed by a team of design enthusiasts from Europe with different experiences and skills; all sharing a common passion for daring architecture. We create unique spaces where building and nature are aptly merged into a seamless landscape. We derive our aesthetics from our strong connection to natural heritage, vernacularity, and materiality; hence we design sustainably learning from craftsmanship and with attention to detail.



Daniele is a qualified building engineer, with over 6 years of experience in the architectural profession. Over the past years, he has collaborated with architectural firms in Amsterdam, Berlin, and Milan managing projects on different scales, ranging from residential buildings to industrial design. During his working experience, he had the opportunity to work on projects focusing on timber structures, from concept to construction with the goal to create viable, sustainable architecture. He has a strong passion for computation and digital fabrication. In 2019 he formed "e-merge architecture" with the aim to apply the diverse experiences from working abroad and his passion for holistic design.



Maria received her Diploma in Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens in 2014. She studied architecture also at ENSA Paris La Villette and ETH Zürich, where she received post-graduate studies in Digital Fabrication. After her Diploma, she worked for more than 4 years as a project architect in Berlin and Milan. Through her working experience, she has been in the design lead of various projects in hospitality, education, and office fields as well as in exhibition design and large-scale complex pavilion structures. In 2019 she formed "e-merge architecture", a team of collaborating architects with the same passion for refined aesthetics and high-end biophilic design. 

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