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Concept Project


2019, Italy


Daniele Colombati

Maria Pachi

The complex is situated in Sardinia and is inspired by C.Nivola’s project “Pergola - Village’’ envisioning a community connected by a network of vine pergolas. The idea of creating a neighborhood blending seamlessly with the surrounding nature and enhancing the social interaction and collective living became the core of our design. Indeed, we consider the existing olives as the connecting shading network between the visitor’s cabins and we create a looped curving pathway passing in between them providing access to the houses. The 4 cabins across the path are spread in between the olives and are all provided with a unique view of the scenery. Linked to the cabins and the pathway a network of sports and meditation activities, spaces for outdoor events, and meeting points is designed where artists showcase their processes and guests interact with each other. Those areas consist of dry stone wall benches and plant niches at different heights. In this way, the public space acquires the intimacy of the domestic environment. The visitor’s experience is further stimulated through the introduction of local vegetation, in multiple colors and scents to create diversity while eliciting emotions and evoking memories. Finally, the cabins are designed with minimal environmental impact, using local materials (stone and wood). 

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