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2nd price, Amaranto


2020, Italy


Daniele Colombati

Maria Pachi

Gianluigi D' Aloisio

We create a comfortable, peaceful, and purifying space where the visitor can easily detach from the external environment and focus on his well-being. An interior central garden is introduced to emphasize the feeling of connecting with nature. The visitor follows a ‘catharsis’ path from the entrance to the light through a multisensory experience. While entering the room he sets up the luminosity, the preferable soothing sound and aromatic scents that will prepare him to relax and detox from a busy day outside. The multipurpose middle zone of the room which consists of moss walls, pebbled floor, and a variety of indoor plants is a place where the guest focuses on wellness and self-healing. Lastly, the secret nest area is the social/working space of the room surrounded by the plants and flooded by natural light coming from the windows.

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